Relax, First Time Moms

Reading anothers blog about first time Moms awkward baby moments, brought me back 17 years ago when I had my first son. At nineteen years old, I looked more like fifteen. I would see people stare at me and I was MORE nervous for THAT fact then anything else. Did I know what I was doing? Yeah, pretty much. Growing up around a lot of babies and baby sitting helped out a lot. But it was different when people were eyeballing me. It was like they were just waiting for me to do something wrong. (Or so, at that time….is what I thought). I’d change diapers in a snap, but out in public, I sometimes felt my hands shake, my fingers weren’t moving right…it was just pure paranoia. Which just makes me laugh thinking about it now.

Four more sons and one daughter later, I have been through it all. Been peed on, multiple times, pooped on and even had babies spit up directly in my mouth! I can’t tell you how many times they woke up soaked through EVERYTHING even though they were changed two hours before.

I breast fed them all, ranging from a couple months to two years old. They would eat for 45 minutes, them I’d have to change them, give them another sip and put them back to sleep. And by the time I got settled back in bed, I’d only have about a half hour before It would start all over again. The word tired wouldn’t quite cut it. Zombified….was more like it. But that only lasted for a couple months and as time went by, I was ecstatic about getting 5/6 hours of sleep in a row. Having a baby is sometimes difficult, exhausting, scary, nerve-racking….but 99.9 percent of all mothers out there will tell you it is ALLLL worth it. 🙂

I often catch a glimpse at ‘first time moms’ (which is usually obvious). Or even moms having a toddler and a new baby…By catching the wet wipes that are falling (or being pulled off by a toddler) or by simply (and sincerly) telling the Momma that their doing a great job, I’ve noticed that they really appreciate it. I see a moment of RELIEF washed across their face. We’ve all done it, we’ve all been through it, and we all know what you’re going through. When we see you with fussy ones mid afternoon, we KNOW, its just time for their nap. When we see your hair in a bun and no make up on early in the morning, we know you’ve had a long sleepless night or a crazy morning. I don’t judge….because I remember like it was yesterday.

Every week, every month, every year, difficult things become an easy routine. Soon after, milestones bring on new and messier situations, but through time, you’ll get it down. Then one day YOU’LL see a new mom struggling, you’ll smile, tell her she’s doing a great job and she will pass it on to the next.


Overflowing Everything

I REALLY have to go through the kids closet again. /: Didnt I just do this?!

They have HUGE closets…where’d they get all these clothes??

I think I clean them out like once every month!

These are Nyil, Zevyn & Meysa’s closets…..And Im out of room. I already tried the ‘squishing’ option, but then I couldn’t pull any clothes out with a few coming out with them.







We don’t go shopping THAT much, do we??! Well, I guess this is my project for today… 😛

I’ll have to take some ‘after’ shots later today… Check Back!

I don’t even want to think about their dressers…they’re overflowing. Guess that’ll be tomorrows project. Oye.

I had time to clean out only one closet because we had about six surprise guests!! 🙂
This is Nyils closet…


Took about an hour, only because I like the clothes color coordinated. Before this week is over, Im getting my closet cleaned up!! 🙂

Family Fun


The Pinnacle. Fun for the whole family.

A little chaotic and crazy with six kids…but an awesome time. It took us 3 hrs to get ready and all be seated in the car. Kids were starving because it was around our supper time, only two of the six can get themselves dressed and actually match. (We really need to work on that.) The baby fell asleep before we could get done, teeth and hair still needed to be brushed….pretty much took on our ‘assembly line’ routine that we do for just about everything. But, we finally made it!


This is Meysa trying to be very, very patient because she couldn’t WAIT to ‘roll the ball and hit the things!’

One by one they took turns.










Meysa did not LIKE to wait so long between turns, sooo….what did I do??? Distract her by taking more pics 🙂








Zevyn, Jorey and I got a couple spares.



Afterwards, we hit the game room. They played games from Spongebob to hunting something to riding on motorcycles. Zevyn played that ‘claw game’ even though I protested against wasting money on that….


He won a frog on his first (and only) try!!!!! Wow!!

After three hours, we (meaning Mike, Taigyn and I) were worn out and ready to get home.


I think we had more fun in the game room than bowling!! Jorey said that he ‘hasn’t had this much fun in a long, LONG time!’ :’)

THAT and the smiles and laughter that came out of my childrens mouths, were priceless. Love my kids, love my family.

These are some extra pictures that were taking while distracting kids when it wasn’t their turn to bowl…















And now it’s almost 4am and Im off to bed. Lots of pics, I know….but I hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them. 😀

Beautiful January Day

Here it is…January….the middle of winter….and it was a beautiful day. We decided to take the little ones out on this 50 degree, sunny afternoon.
Grabbed the buckets and ball for Aytric:


Mike found a pinwheel in our yard (must’ve blew in from somewhere) and Meysa took off with it having the time of her life!


We stayed outside for about a half hour. Took the kids in the back yard to play on the slide, but when Milly, our HUGE dog, jumped up on Tric as he was sliding down, that was the end of our outdoor outing. Scratched his face and ear. 😦

We still had a great time and the kids were giggling the entire time.

Here’s a couple more pics before the Milly incident….


Soon enough, we’ll be preparing for supper, getting baths, (hopefully playing a little more Toy Story 3 :), and getting ready for bed.

Tomorrow we’re taking the kids out to have some fun….its a surprise, so you’ll have to wait for one of the next blogs to find out where we go. It’s one of the few things that ALL the kids enjoy doing… (:

Round & Round

I have sick kids, climbing kids & kids throwing tantrums. Although I deal with these things daily; it’s usually not all at the same time.

Zevyn stayed home from school Tues, but by that night, he was jumping around like the rest of them. As soon as he layed down, he told me that he didnt want to go to school anymore. He wanted to stay home with Momma. (Poor Kindergartners. They can’t WAIT for school to start, not realizing that they have to go everyday for the next 13 years…)

Anyway, when morning came and I went to wake him up, he wanted no part in going to school.

I’m still sick, Ma.

But I sent him anyway, even though I really didn’t want to. Its this whole ‘absent more than 5 day’ thing. We have to go to truancy court..blah blah…I honestly hate it, but thats another story.

The call from the school nurse came at noon. Zevyn had threw up all over his pants and classroom rug. Wellll, now I felt HORRIBLE!. Checked him out when he got home and was pretty sure it was strep. Doc confirmed it today.

Next, Im dealing with Aytric climbing up on the couch. Its not so much climbing up there, as it is him always trying to come down head first. We start with me telling him to stay sitting down….

Then this….


And these..



And while all this is going on, distracting me from what Meysa keeps doing, I’m dealing with this…

Busy, busy all day long. But Im hopeful for these 3 things…
-None of the other kids have strep…yet
-Aytric hasnt broke any body parts…yet
-Meysa has eaten the rest of the candy, so there’s no more to argue about. 🙂

Mama’s Losin’ It

Projects Before Bed

So, we begin a project tonight, not knowing exactly what we’re making yet. As I start getting out all we’ll need, they mention making cars. Cars? Yep….that’ll work. So, I get an outline right off google images and we’re ready to go.

Blue, red, green? What color car do you want to make?





They worked so hard on these…except for Meysa. She basically watched me as I did what she wanted to do herself, but couldn’t. These are their finished projects..




Then it was time to hurry and clean. OOPS….way past their bedtimes.

I love being able to spend actual quality time with the kids. It gets hard trying to split up ‘momma time’ between them all.

Every once in awhile, when its been a long day, and I think, ‘Man, I cant wait for kids to just go to bed so I can have a moment of peace and quiet.’, I remind myself that Ill never get this day back! I’ll have plenty of time to rest in the future. When all my kids move out and we have all the quiet we need (plus more), I know that i’d look back at these days and be thankful that I gave them my all. I gave them every last bit of energy I had. I gave them every great memory they have. And it’ll all be worth it in the end….every sleepless night ……and every gray hair….

Blood Transfusions – What Would Your Choice Be?

Consider a person who is told by a doctor that he must abstain from alcohol.  Would he or she be obedient if he quit drinking alcohol but still had it injected directly into his veins?  Or consider this….If God commanded you to abstain from [eating] blood, would you do so?  Would you still be obeying God, if instead of eating or drinking it, you injected it into your body?

Acts 15:29 says, “ keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled and from fornication….”  Lev 17:10 prohibits eating ANY source of blood.  Anyone that would purposefully go against God’s Word, has little faith or none at all in Him.  I have a lot of faith because I have the hope of the resurrection which is what God promises to his true followers.  (Acts 24:15, John 5:28, 29)  So, if someone is dying, they need not to feel so sad. 

Doctors all around the world, and only because of Jehovah’s Witnesses, perform many non-blood transfusion.  Dr. Denton Cooley, a heart surgeon from Texas, says, “We became so impressed with the results from using non-blood plasma on the Jehovah’s Witnesses, that we started using the procedure on all our heart patients.”

When there is a severe blood loss, the greatest need is to restore the fluid volume.  Our blood is, actually, over 50% water; then there are red and white blood cells and so forth.  When much blood is lost, the body itself, pours large reserves of blood cells into the system and speed up production of new ones, but fluid volume is needed.  Plasma volume expanders, that contain NO blood, can be used to fill that need and these expanders have been used on thousands of people with excellent results.  Since using no blood, this would be acceptable to God.

I knew two people that gave their children blood transfusions.  One, at the age of 1…that child is dead now, because he contracted AIDS from the transfusion and died at the age of 8.  They were not Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Another woman allowed her son, at the age of 2, to be given a blood transfusion, he immediately contracted an infection from the blood and died that night.

I have known people, that are full out crack addicts, that go and donate blood every two weeks for money.  So the blood is not being tested thoroughly, evidentaly, because they return and have their blood taken again and again.  I would not want my child to get that one’s blood and end up addicted to crack because I didn’t go the safer or healthier way to save my child.  That is my goal (the safer and healthier route)…..NOT to maybe cause them more suffering.

I have heard many people say that they ‘believe in the Bible, but not ALL of it is true.’  They pick and choose what part they want to believe in.  But, 2 Tim 3:16 tells us that, “All Scriptures is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness.”  So, we either believe in God’s Word or we don’t.  We either serve God or we serve Satan.  We either follow in the footsteps of HIM or in the footsteps of Satan.

Mark 8:34 – 38, “…..For whoever loses his soul for the sake of me and the good news will save it……”  Putting one’s life ahead of God’s law is fatal.

2 Timothy 3:2 tells us that in the last days “…men will be lovers of themselves…”  So the issue here, is really, your loyalty to God.  

Don’t you agree that, when face to face with death, turning ones back on God by violating his law, would be a poor decision?  I have faith in God and His Word, the Bible, do you?