Zevyn’s Kindergarten Progress


I am very proud of Zevyn! He is a wonderful helper, very lovable, and teaches everyone to be loving & kind. <;– (Our motto @ home) All who know him will agree, he is one of the sweetest boys there is.

First semester, I honestly worried about him. They expect SOO much of Kindergarteners these days! His biggest 'issue', tho, was needing to write/create everything sooo perfect, it took him longer to finish. (Wonder who he got that from..lol)

This quarter, 3rd, he still is very eager to learn. He's like a sponge, soaking up as much as he can.

Besides the 32 site words they have to know (<;– words they have to know by site without sounding them out), they, also, have to know:
~11 colors & color words
~ 10 shapes & the shapes words
~ All letters, upper & lower case
~ Numbers 1-25 and reading the number words
~ All consonant & vowel sounds
~ Counting to 100. Counting by 2's & 5's
~ Arranging pics in sequence order; describes plot, characters & setting of a story; distinguishes between fiction & nonfiction
~ Using Capitalization and Punctuation in sentences
~ Tells time
~ Identifies & names all coins and their values
~ Simple subtraction & Addition
…..and the list goes on and on.

Zevyn is doing really well besides needing extra help with site words. He just missed 2 weeks of school, with a horrible flu, but has caught up and is working as hard as ever!

Love You, Cowboy…<;3


We (I) work very hard with Zevyn each and every night on his school work, or extra learning activities. Too see how well he’s doing and all the compliments he receives from his teacher (among others), makes me one very proud Momma! Love knowing that all the time and energy we put into our children, really DOES pay off!


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