Beautiful January Day

Here it is…January….the middle of winter….and it was a beautiful day. We decided to take the little ones out on this 50 degree, sunny afternoon.
Grabbed the buckets and ball for Aytric:


Mike found a pinwheel in our yard (must’ve blew in from somewhere) and Meysa took off with it having the time of her life!


We stayed outside for about a half hour. Took the kids in the back yard to play on the slide, but when Milly, our HUGE dog, jumped up on Tric as he was sliding down, that was the end of our outdoor outing. Scratched his face and ear. 😦

We still had a great time and the kids were giggling the entire time.

Here’s a couple more pics before the Milly incident….


Soon enough, we’ll be preparing for supper, getting baths, (hopefully playing a little more Toy Story 3 :), and getting ready for bed.

Tomorrow we’re taking the kids out to have some fun….its a surprise, so you’ll have to wait for one of the next blogs to find out where we go. It’s one of the few things that ALL the kids enjoy doing… (:


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