Round & Round

I have sick kids, climbing kids & kids throwing tantrums. Although I deal with these things daily; it’s usually not all at the same time.

Zevyn stayed home from school Tues, but by that night, he was jumping around like the rest of them. As soon as he layed down, he told me that he didnt want to go to school anymore. He wanted to stay home with Momma. (Poor Kindergartners. They can’t WAIT for school to start, not realizing that they have to go everyday for the next 13 years…)

Anyway, when morning came and I went to wake him up, he wanted no part in going to school.

I’m still sick, Ma.

But I sent him anyway, even though I really didn’t want to. Its this whole ‘absent more than 5 day’ thing. We have to go to truancy court..blah blah…I honestly hate it, but thats another story.

The call from the school nurse came at noon. Zevyn had threw up all over his pants and classroom rug. Wellll, now I felt HORRIBLE!. Checked him out when he got home and was pretty sure it was strep. Doc confirmed it today.

Next, Im dealing with Aytric climbing up on the couch. Its not so much climbing up there, as it is him always trying to come down head first. We start with me telling him to stay sitting down….

Then this….


And these..



And while all this is going on, distracting me from what Meysa keeps doing, I’m dealing with this…

Busy, busy all day long. But Im hopeful for these 3 things…
-None of the other kids have strep…yet
-Aytric hasnt broke any body parts…yet
-Meysa has eaten the rest of the candy, so there’s no more to argue about. 🙂

Mama’s Losin’ It


One thought on “Round & Round

  1. HaHa! I can so relate. And I really love your last line, “Meysa has eaten the rest of the candy, so there’s no more to argue about.” My theory, too. 🙂

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