Projects Before Bed

So, we begin a project tonight, not knowing exactly what we’re making yet. As I start getting out all we’ll need, they mention making cars. Cars? Yep….that’ll work. So, I get an outline right off google images and we’re ready to go.

Blue, red, green? What color car do you want to make?





They worked so hard on these…except for Meysa. She basically watched me as I did what she wanted to do herself, but couldn’t. These are their finished projects..




Then it was time to hurry and clean. OOPS….way past their bedtimes.

I love being able to spend actual quality time with the kids. It gets hard trying to split up ‘momma time’ between them all.

Every once in awhile, when its been a long day, and I think, ‘Man, I cant wait for kids to just go to bed so I can have a moment of peace and quiet.’, I remind myself that Ill never get this day back! I’ll have plenty of time to rest in the future. When all my kids move out and we have all the quiet we need (plus more), I know that i’d look back at these days and be thankful that I gave them my all. I gave them every last bit of energy I had. I gave them every great memory they have. And it’ll all be worth it in the end….every sleepless night ……and every gray hair….


One thought on “Projects Before Bed

  1. Very cute cars. Looks like fun!

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