Smile :)

Have you smiled today?  I did…a lot.  Today was an awesome day!  As soon as I woke up, I jumped out of bed and started getting ready for the day ahead.  (This ‘jumping’ happens about once a year, so that alone brightened my day.)  A little bit of mascara…check.  A hair tie….check.  Brushed my teeth, got dressed, grabbed the keys and I was off.

First stop, teaching Math to Mrs. Lile’s class.  Best 2nd grade students ever!!  I love seeing how excited they get when I arrive.  They scurry around like little mice cleaning up and getting out their papers that they worked sooo hard on that week.  Before I even got started, I had a couple of the children come up to me to tell me that they got 100%’s on their AR tests that day.  Of course, I smile real big, tell them how awesome they are and give them all high fives.  Seeing them walk away with great big smiles on their face just melted my heart.

I finished the assignment in an hour…usually takes about an hour in a half, but they were so organized and well behaved today, we got done early.  And as I turned to leave, I feel little arms going around my waist and look down and see three little girls hugging me and thanking me for helping them today.  Those moments…right there….are the reason I LOVE teaching children. Whether it be at school or my own children at home, there is no greater feeling then to see a child’s eye’s light up when the finally ‘get it’.  When they finally conquer whatever it is their learning.

The Kindergarten hallway is always so cute.  There are little things everywhere.  Little chairs, little desks…..little people.  I watched as one of the Kindergarten classes walk down the hallway.  Single file…finger to their lips. Quiet as mice.  It’s absolutely adorable.

Next stop, Zevyn’s classroom. The class is in Art still, so I sit with the teacher until it’s time to pick them up, all the while, hearing all about Zevyn. ‘He is THEE sweetest kid.’ ‘He helps anyone with anything they need.’  ‘If someone drops something, he’s right there to pick it up.’ ‘If someone trips and falls, he’s the first to make sure they’re alright.’  ‘He always uses his please and thank you’s.’ 

I felt on top of the world at that moment.  She goes onto telling me how the teachers can always recognize the children that have great parents.  I could’ve cried.  I have heard that from my other two children’s teachers, too. How respectful they are…how they are always trying to help out with everything.  I’m proud of my children.  So very, very proud of them.  

When we enter the Art hallway, Zevyn sees me, smiles so big you’d think his cheeks would be killing him and restrains himself from running over to me.  I follow the class back to the classroom.  Mrs, Denson, Zevyn’s teacher, pulls him aside and tells him to show me around the school.  As we walk around down the different hallways, he’s points out which rooms he goes in, where he eats lunch…the gym.  We reach the library and walk inside.  He pick out three books and we sit down on the little chairs and the little tables and begin to read. We giggle, laugh…..using my imagination can be so much fun with a 5 year old.  After about 25 minutes, we put the books away, he thanks the librarian (for letting us read, I guess) and we head back to class.  They’re gone…I forgot that it’s recess time!  We head outside and around back where’s Zevyn tells me that he loves me a thousand times, I get two hugs and three kisses.  ‘I love you, Momma!’ “I love you, too, babe.’

As I walk through the door to our house, I hear Meysa before I even see her. ‘Mooooooomma! Momma’s home,’ We grab something to snack on and sit down to read a book.  Aytric wakes up and as I’m feeding him, Meysa comes around the corner. ‘It’s beautiful, Mom.’  What…..oh geeez. Mascara. At least, she knew that it’s supposed to go on her eyes….*sigh*

We clean her up and head outside to wait for the school bus.  Meysa practices her jumping and counting.


‘It’s 10, Meys, 10’, I correct her. But she didn’t hear me. The only sound she heard was the bus coming down our street.

‘NYYYYOOOO! ZEVYYYYYN!’, she screams as she runs across our front yard in an over sized T-shirt and bare feet. She gets so excited when they come home.  Another smile spreads across my face.

As we all trample back into the house, everyone talking at once and SUPERMOM kicks in. ‘Put your book bags up. Take off your shoes. Bring all your folders over to me.  One at a time.  Don’t throw your shoes!  Watch out for Meysa…she’s right behind you!’  I look through all the paperwork.  See the awards they got, the stickers and candy they received for doing extra work or work correctly.

The day ends with having our Bible study and popping some popcorn to cuddle up and watch a movie together. I love my family.  Love my kids.


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