Our Family Band

The downstairs is finally coming together. (YAY!!) It consists of a living room, 2 1/2 bedrooms, a full bathroom and a laundry room. We started on the bedrooms as soon as we moved here, but with family coming to stay with us for awhile, that was put on hold. Yesterday, we got a new couch and coffee table for Taigyn’s new ‘living room’. My oldest son, who is 16, has two rooms in his bedroom. A huge room and a small one. He has used the bigger of the two, since we moved here a year and a half ago, for his bedroom. The other room stored his weights, along with a little bit of this and that. But, wait…STOP. That’ll be a blog for another day….House Projects. 🙂

As we’re all downstairs, cleaning, moving furniture, etc, we hear …BANG BANG BANG!

‘That’d be Meysa!’, I smiled, as I shuffling across the floor towards Jorey’s room. Yes, to this day, when I have socks on and I’m on tile or hardwood floors, I still like to slide as I walk. 🙂

I grabbed my cell phone along the way and sat down to record her little show…..

Well, of course, after all the kids heard the drums, they dropped whatever they were doing and came through the door like little ducklings. One by one, until AT LAST…..our entire family was crowded into Jorey’s tiny 11×15 room. Well, with a bed, entertainment center, a full size drum set and 8 people…it’s tiny.

Growing up, we were a very musical family. My dad…. 🙂 My daddy has been writing songs since before I was even born. He plays the guitar and the piano. To this day, I could just sit there for hours listening to him play and sing. His voice can make you dance or lull you to sleep at night. Love you, Daddy

My oldest sister plays the piano best of us four girls, but we can all play. Of course, my Momma sings and plays piano, too, but she never did it with my daddy around….just to us girls. 😉 Love you, Momma

So, yes…..we all sang together growing up, for family, for gatherings… we were The Schultz Girls. Everyone knew us. And it is those childhood memories that I treasure the most. Tearing up a little just thinking about it…

So, back to us all gathered into Jorey’s room. The kids started picking up instruments and it began….Our Family Band….check ’em out…


Give it a few years….. 🙂


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