Going Out Guilt

You have extra spending money, time off work and a babysitter…….Now, what?  A couple nights out on the town, but not too far away from the little ones?  A relaxing vacation at some remote beach spending your days in the sand and your nights in the hot tub?  How about a bed and breakfast along the east coast, where you can catch up on sleep and your latest novel….you know, the one you look at on your night stand every night before you go to bed, but haven’t had a chance to do anything more then read the prologue?

For most parents, this may be something they do regularly.

There are normal people….and then there’s me.

Sure, my hubby talks about it all the time….getting away….just the two of us. And, although, it sounds great, I just can’t do it.  As soon as the thought starts running through my head, the guilt starts.  The questions, like in comic books, start popping up all around my head.

What am I going to tell the kids?  How can I tell them that we’re leaving to have fun, while they have to sit at home with a babysitter?  How am I going to tell them ‘No’ when they ask to go with?

And then the statements start haunting me.

Leaving your kids!  Every time you hear someone shout ‘Mom’, you’re going to look over your shoulder….just in case.  You’re going to see something and wish they were there with you, so that you can show them.  You’re going to have to call them everyday just to make sure their alright.  And everytime you go to get off the phone with them, they’re going to ask you the same question, ‘When are you coming home?’.

Think I’m crazy yet?

Half of the parents that I talk to will tell you that they can’t wait for their children to grow up, move away, so they can ‘have their house back’, so ‘they can travel’, so ‘they can enjoy their time together’, etc., etc. I’m NOT one of those people.  I do not WANT my children to grow up and I do not want my children to move away.  Ever.

The older children go to their dad’s during the summer and I hate it!  I don’t even like the fact that they have to go to school for 8 hours during the day!  I miss them. 😦

I know it’s good to ‘get away’.  To get a ‘break’ from the kids. To go and spend quality time with your husband. ‘You’ve earned it’. ‘You deserve it.’  So, what’s my problem?

I just feel bad.  I feel guilty.  I don’t know how many conversations start out with my husband saying to get a babysitter this weekend because he’s taking me out.  But it always ends the same….with me saying, ‘I’d rather just take the kids and do something with them.’

I don’t mind taking the kids.  When the kids are happy, momma’s happy. (:

I’m pretty clueless right now.  And I don’t know how parents work 5 days a week, then get a babysitter on the weekends so that they can ‘go out’.  I’m not judging anyone; that’s not what this is about.  I’m simply wondering how you do it?

I think it would be easier if I knew my children were going to be doing something just as fun for them.  Then, I’m almost positive, it would be easier to say yes.

Does anyone else have this problem…..if that’s even what it is…??  Or am I ‘more normal’ than I think I am and it’s the same for other parents, too?

Let me know what you think….your opinions of what you think I should do.  Or some suggestions to make it easier to leave without having to feel guilty.

-Throwing out a thanks ahead of time! 🙂


One thought on “Going Out Guilt

  1. You’re crazy. 😉 No, I feel the same way sometimes. I think there needs to be a good balance. Go out and have fun with the kids, but make a date night once a month or something like that. Getting away can be good for the kids, too. Some of my best times were when my parents finally left the house, which was rare.

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