Dear Ms. Truancy Lady

This is a letter that I wrote to the truancy office on March 5, 2011….



Dear Ms. Truancy Lady,


Thank you for the call I got today, informing me that my son has missed upteen days of school.  As I told you on the phone….I have given you all of the doctors notes that excused him for most of the days he’s missed.

Ten of the days were because he had surgery, getting his tonsils removed and a turbinate reduction. Three other of the days, which were also excused, were his apps leading up to his surgery.  

You, also, informed me that he has 6 days that are not excused with a doctors note. And after I told you that I didn’t take him to the doc on those days…you said that now you were ‘concerned with his health’, implying that I don’t take care of my children. Really?

Again, I do not take my kids to the doctor for every runny/stuffy nose, every cough or every tummy ache.  Nor, do I run them to the doctor every time they have a sore throat, every time they throw up or every time they have the runs. That is why they have over-the-counter medicines… it not?  It’s because of the parents that send their sick kids to school…. that MY children bring it home!  So, instead of calling me and wasting your time telling me what I already know, why don’t you spend your time calling the parents of the sick children and tell them not to send their kids to school, so MY children DON’T get sick!

Oh…and while you’re worrying about a piece of paper with a doctors signature on it, here are a couple things that you maybe out to know…..  I bath my kids in a vinegar bath, wipe them down with alcohol pads and give them tylenol when they have a fever.  I give them cough/cold meds, fliuds, turn on the humidifier and rub vicks on their chest when they have a cold/ cough.  I sit down next to them, rub their back, sometimes have to pull back their hair and wipe their faces down when they’re throwing up.  I spray throat spray in their throats, give them popsicles, make them gargle with salt water and watch to see if white dots appear when they have a sore throat.  I give them pepto bismal, pedialyte and soft foods when they have a tummy ache.  I, also, hold them close and cuddle them. Change their clothes when they wake up soaked from their fever breaking. Stay up with them all night, keep them warm, keep them cool and keep them clean.  Read to them, watch movies with them and so on and so on….

Even though I don’t have a degree in medicine, I have earned my degree in motherhood.  Attached you will find the notes from myself that should excuse the other 6 days of being absent.

So, thank you for the call and thank you for interrupting my first afternoon out to lunch since the baby’s been born.

~Shana’e L L Brewer

P.S.  By the way….do you have any children of your own?


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