Late Nights With Tric

For years, I wrote in a journal.  Ok…it was just a bunch of cheap notebooks…but I didn’t need a fancy shmancy book.  I started my first ‘journal’  when I was 18, a few months before I had my first son. I wrote about my feelings, thoughts, things that scared me and where my future was going, etc.  I’m sure, if I’m ever brave enough, I’ll go back and forth quoting some of my life as a teen mom.  Which includes drama, drama and more drama, of course.  Creating this blog was a way that I can start-up my ‘journals’ again.  Instead of a writing in a notebook, I’ll become Miss 21st Century and write it all on here. This is going to be my personal journal of my life.  About myself and raising 6 kids. My concerns and accomplishments. I’ll even let you in on a special club that I’m in…..My sister, Bria, and I call it The Bun-Head Club, which mostly includes mom’s with 2 or more children. So here we go…My first OFFICIAL blog:

Daytime or night-time. They’re no different to me.  I’m officially a walking zombie most of the time.  I do get all my cleaning and laundry done with hardly any interruptions, though, so that’s always a plus! You will find me 5/6 days a week in my pj’s and a very messy, falling to the side of my head ….bun.  It doesn’t mean that I’m lazy, I just don’t have the time to put on makeup….or brush my hair…LOL.  The time I do get for myself includes from about 5am-11am.  <–That’s when I sleep.  And anywhere between 9pm-11pm, depending on what time the kids go to bed or if it’s a weekday or weekend, I get an hour-long bath.  (It really only takes me about 15/20 mins to do what I need to do, but, please, don’t tell my hubby that! 🙂  This is the time I get to relax in my jet tub and call my sister for our nightly ‘talks’.  Which, by the way, are hilarious because we’re both way overtired.  We tried to talk during the daytime, but with my 6 and her 7 it’s nearly impossible. (A 10 minute conversation turns into 30 minutes, because we’re always getting interrupted by children.)

So…yes…I’m up all night long.  I TRY to go to sleep early….but it just never happens.  For instance tonight,  I thought I’d get to bed by 1, because I have to be up tomorrow for Math Superstars at the elementary school volunteering.  As soon as I got out of the bathtub and walked around to my side of the bed, Aytric woke up. *sigh*  I was just going to give him a bottle and hope he would fall back asleep, but had a feeling that wasn’t going to happen.  I was only grumpy for one split second before I peeked into his crib and seen him smiling and kicking his feet with his arms in the air ready for his momma to pick him up and play.

Of course, I smiled back and he laughed in anticipation of the night to come.  We’ve been playing for about 2 hours now and he yawned a few times, so I decided to get on the computer….and leave him with Barney for a few while I blogged.  🙂  

This is a quick video of me and Aytric’s late night ‘play time’. <— This was the only way I could put my video up.  I’m sure I’ll learn soon enough how to do it the ‘right’ way.  🙂

Since this is my first REAL blog (one could say), I hope you enjoy it.  And P.S.  He’s asleep!!  8D


One thought on “Late Nights With Tric

  1. I have piles of cheap notebooks, too. They are the best!

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