Are You Supervising Your Teens?

This was NOT the first blog that I planned on putting up…..but after hearing about this, I had no choice…….

There was a serious car accident last night which included four teens from Rossview High School. Two of them were killed and the other two, injured and still in the hospital.  From what was found in the car, it is speculated that they were not sober.  

Parents, its a known fact that now-a-days kids run.  They run around unsupervised.  They run around without you knowing where they’re going or what they’re doing.  Oh sure, they tell you their doing ‘something’ and with a wave of the hand….they’re off.  No questions asked.  Wait.  What is that?  Some of you DO ask questions?? That’s great!  I’m glad you do.  But are you calling up whomever is supervising them to make sure?

It’s plain and simple. YOU ARE THE PARENT.  From the moment your little one comes into this world, their life is in your hands.  YOUR HANDS.  Oh…they’re a teenager now, so you think they can be on their own??  WRONG.  Even teenagers need guidance.  They need rules, they need boundaries and they need supervision.  Parental supervision.  I’m sorry. Strike that.  Even, though, some are considered parents because they have children, doesn’t mean that they truly ‘supervise’.  What I meant, was that you need to make sure that if your children are going to be ‘out’ without you watching over them, you need to make sure that someone who is mature and responsible enough is there to take your place.

My children know how strict I am.  It’s hard for them to step foot out of this house.  They know the drill.  ‘Where are you going? Who are you going to be with? What are you planning on doing?  When are you going to be home? Who is going to be watching you? and….What’s their number?’ It not hard to remember.  Who, what, where, when and what’s the ‘supervisor’s number’.  Then, and only then, will I even consider letting them go.

Please…..even if you ARE doing this, you need to remember to make sure that the children your children are with, have parents who ask these questions, too….and not parents who will just let them go with a wave of their hand.

A lot of families and a lot of Rossview students will be mourning tomorrow with the loss of two of their peers.  Let us work together to make sure that our children stay safe.  If not…who will be responsible if something terrible happens??  Your children or yourself?


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